Van Nuys Dumpster Rental Company Saves You Time

Are you working on a project in Van Nuys that needs debris hauled away? If so, do you have a truck or other vehicle large enough to remove everything all at once? If not, Metropolis Disposal can do it for you. Our dumpster rental company has the containers in to hold everything you’re discarding and the services to remove it in one trip. Letting us help will save you valuable time!

Are All Dumpsters the Same?

No, they aren’t. Dumpsters are rented in Van Nuys for various reasons. Therefore, there isn’t one type that would suit the needs of every contractor, resident, and business owner. However, Front-Load and Roll-Off containers are the two most popular.

Front-Load Dumpsters

  • Size: Generally 2 – 8 cubic yards
  • Weight Limit: Approximately 1,600 pounds (for largest size)
  • Rented By: Businesses, schools, apartment complexes, and other organizations
  • Rental Purpose: Typically for on-going trash pick-up
  • Rental Period: Usually long-term
  • Waste Removal Process: Container stays on site and waste is picked up at regular intervals

Roll-Off Dumpsters

  • Size: Generally 10 – 40 cubic yards
  • Weight Limit: Approximately 12,000 pounds (for largest size)
  • Rented By: Homeowners, businesses, contractors, and landscapers
  • Rental Purpose: Typically for debris removal from cleanout, renovation, landscaping, roof tear-off, siding or window replacement, demolition, concrete, or other construction projects.
  • Rental Period: Usually short-term from a few days to a few weeks
  • Waste Removal Process: The container is dropped off then picked up to haul away waste.

What Type of Van Nuys Rental Dumpsters Do You Provide?

Metropolis Disposal supports our customers by providing roll-off containers for one-time or periodic projects. If that is what you need, we’re here to help!

We started undertaking this type of dumpster and haul away service as part of Intracut (our sister company) back in 1985. Then, in 1998, we branched off on our own to help other businesses and homeowners too.

Having worked from inside a concrete cutting and demolition company, we understand first-hand the importance of reliability, communication, affordability, honesty, availability, and trust. Thus, we carry out these values during every interaction!

What Size Roll-Off Dumpsters Are Available in Van Nuys, CA?

Metropolis Disposal offers three sizes of roll-off rental dumpsters. The 10 yard, 25 yard, and 40 yard containers we provide have been perfectly suited to our customers’ needs. In fact, you’ve probably seen our purple trucks throughout Los Angeles County delivering our yellow rental dumpsters and hauling away debris. Our dumpster company would be honored to help you too!

How Much Preparation Is Needed?

The amount of preparation you’ll undertake before renting a Van Nuys dumpster depends on a few factors.

  • Do you already know what size container you need?
  • Is the space where the dumpster will be placed free from obstruction?
  • Will the container be on private property? If not, do you need a street use permit?

This is only a partial list of things to consider. Please ask our knowledgeable and friendly staff to help you be prepared. They will be happy to do so!

Reach out to Metropolis Disposal at 800-650-6165 or start an online chat to get your questions answered and request a free Van Nuys dumpster rental quote. Then when you’re ready, we’ll get you scheduled and have a roll-off dumpster brought to you. We can often get you started the same day!